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addr:Shenzhen Longhua New Area Guanlan Dafu Industry Silicon Valley Power Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park A6

department Demand job Demand number Responsibilities qualifications
Engineering Department PE Engineering Department 2
1, the establishment of parts processing hours, processing tool standardization;
2, the establishment of the standard parts of the manufacture of parts table;
3, the design of reliable, safe and efficient parts turnover tooling;
4, the production of the use of tooling design, improvement;
1, proficient in mechanical parts car, milling processing, proficient in CNC lathes, machining centers using tools;
2, mechanical design and manufacturing or similar professional;
3, skilled use of AutoCAD and PROE or Solodworks and other 3D graphics software;
4, more than five years engaged in mechanical parts processing experience;
5, there are design automation tooling experience.
Production Department CNC grinding manager 2
1, the production tasks assigned to the higher level can reasonably arrange production, to ensure that on time, according to quality, according to the amount of production tasks;
2, do the work of the sector tools, equipment, the daily maintenance of fixed assets;
3, with the various departments to ensure that the orderly production.
1, proficient in the operation of the Stroud CNC grinding mill, and ordinary cylindrical grinding;
2, a workshop management experience;
3, can adapt to white night shift.
Business Unit Business with a single 1
1, is mainly responsible for daily customer communication, order tracking and management
2, to ensure that customer orders delivery, timely follow-up production schedule
2, responsible for customer demand for products and the development of the contract
4, to maintain the old customer business relationship, open up new customers
5, responsible for customer profile resume and management, payment collection and follow up
6, regular communication with customers, the establishment of good long-term relationship
1, female 18-30 years old, college and above
2, more than one year business with a single class of work experience is preferred
3, familiar with the business with a single operation process and ERP system
4, with strong learning ability and excellent ability
5, skilled use of office software, such as from the higher management and work arrangements
6, have a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and positive work attitude